Hey everyone!

As some of you know we have a few Easter events going on for the month of March! These are going live *now*! Here are some rules for each event:

**Banner Contest**

For the month of March, submit your Easter themed banner for the chance to win some store perks! You can drop it in the chests at Lymric Park and they will be judged by staff on April 3rd!
1) Be sure that it is acceptable. Any graphic or inappropriate banners will result in the member getting a warning.
2) One banner submission per member! If you would like to switch your submission, wait until a staff member is online before dropping a new one.
All submission will be used to decorate spawn! We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

**Easter Egg Hunt**

Want a chance for free loot? Here’s your chance! For the month of March, there will be hidden chests around spawn with some fun, useful and even rare loot. Every week up until Easter, grab a book from Lymric Park with hints to find your prize!
1) Only grab one book from the dispenser. The books are all the same for each week!
2) Only grab one piece of loot from the chest. We will be checking them quite frequently and if we see that you’ve taken more than one, it may result in a warning.
Happy hunting!

Let us know if you have any questions! Have fun!

-Yukraft Staff