Hey everyone!

We just got a new shop plugin and It's pretty nifty (if I do say so myself!) Below is a step-by-step guide to how to set one up!

What you'll need:
- Sign
- Chest
- Items you want to trade (sell)
- 1 of the item you'd like to get from the trade (what the player pays to you)

Step 1: Place a chest down followed by a sign on the front of it. On the sign put the following:


On the sign put:
1st line: [shop]
2nd line: a number. This is the number of items you want to give per trade.
3rd line: a number. This is the number of items you want to get per trade.
4th line: trade

Once you've created the sign, the text on the sign will be red and instructions will appear in the chat.


Step 2: Hit the sign with the items you want to trade for. The order of items you hit the sign for is important!

First hit: The item you're selling. Hit the sign with the item you want to sell.
Second hit: The price item. Hit the sign again but this time use the item you want in return.

After you do this, your sign will turn green and the two items will appear on top of the chest. It worked!


This shop is selling 1 fence for 3 iron ingots:


Step 3: Stock up your shop!

Use /shop to open up the shop menu. Here you can vavigate to the settings (golden axe) and toggle your notification settings.


You can also keep track of your stock from the shop menu.


That's all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us for help on Discord!